Christmas Tree Care

For every tree cut at least one more is planted in its place, this way we can operate in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

Your Christmas tree is cared for by us for six to ten years before coming into your home.

  • Our Christmas trees are freshly cut so there should be no need to cut any more from the base. 
  • Ideally put your tree in a bucket of water outside for a few hours or overnight before you take it inside to decorate. 
  • When you take your tree indoors it can be easier if you leave it in the net and erect it in the stand, once it is all set up you can cut the netting off.
  • We recommend a Christmas tree stand that holds water, as your tree will need to be watered throughout the Christmas period. Your tree can drink a pint of water a day.
  • Keep your tree as cool as possible whilst indoors and away from a direct heat source such as a fire or radiator to stop it from drying out.

Follow these tips and your tree should be fresh and healthy all through the Christmas period.

Once you have finished with your tree at the end of the Christmas period please dispose of your tree thoughtfully.

There are often local recycling schemes run by volunteers or councils sometimes raising money for local charities.

You can also dispose of your tree by taking it to your local recycling centre or in your garden waste recycling bin.



The traditional Christmas Tree with strong scented needles and a bushy pyramid shape. Does not have the needle retention properties of other varieties but will last for the whole Christmas period if watered regularly.


Lush, glossy dark green needles and a symmetrical shape with firm strong branches. It has excellent needle retention without the need for watering, although regular watering is recommended in order to maintain colour and keep the tree looking fresh.


Beautiful silvery-green bushy foliage with soft needles. The branches are strong and will therefore take heavier ornaments. A sweet citrus aroma which will fill the home and can last as long as the tree is indoors, watering helps to retain this scent.